The Green Club

Amidst the COVID pandemic, it is easy to forget about one of the other disasters that currently haunts our planet. This disaster is climate change, the root cause of mass ecological destruction that, soon enough, won’t be reversible. Luckily, some of the bright minds here have taken action to do whatever they can to help combat ecological disaster and spread positivity. This starts with the formation of the Green Club. 

The Green Club isn’t actually anything new; there had been one at RHS before. The previous existence of Green Club is what sparked the revival of it.

“RHS had a Green Club many years ago, my mom was one of the presidents. I decided to bring it back,” sophomore Hannah Jensen-Sizelove said. “I thought it was important to try to help the environment. The Earth is struggling right now due to pollution, climate change, littering, etc. I hope to raise awareness in the community and have fundraisers for different environmental charities.”

There are some ideas on how to raise awareness for and raise fundraisers against climate change. The Green Club is still contemplating over these.

“After COVID, I want to meet with local groups and talk about the Earth,” Jensen-Sizelove said. “I also hope to try different types of fundraisers for a specific charity that all the funds will go to. It would also be cool to create art focused around nature and recycling to display. All of these ideas are in very early stages. We aren’t really sure about anything yet.”

Outside of the initial idea, there are also other incentives to joining the Green Club. 

“They should join if they feel it’s important to help the Earth,” Jensen-Sizelove said. “It will also be a good experience for any future career involving service and fundraising. I also hope that it will be fun.”

Outside of the initial incentives of the experience and service you’ll do in Green Club, there may be other ways to tell if you’re fit for it. It may depend on who you are as a person.

“The Green Club would be a good fit for you if you are passionate, or even just care about saving the environment. It’s also for people who might be excited about having service learning opportunities.”

Members of the Green Club will be partaking in different activities to help out our community and RHS on an environmental level. These activities may involve going out and doing things in our parks and such.

“We are hoping to find ways to increase recycling and other environmentally conscious activities at RHS,” Jensen-Sizelove said. “It would also be really cool to host clean-up events around the area. That would look like people going around Richmond and the parks and cleaning up trash and litter.”