Students’ ambition to create a positive world

New club hopes to spark change within the community

February 9, 2020

THE origami bird club. A great, interesting, and captivating club that truly captures the creativity and ambition of its members. Anyone could walk out of the origami bird club feeling satisfied with their art, but unfortunately, only two people  know about this club. Of course, this club doesn’t exist, but smaller groups may often feel that they are living under the shadow of larger, more prominent groups or sports. However, change is coming as the Changemakers plan to make

a revolutionary impact on our school.

The Changemakers have a bright future ahead of them, and their main goal is to have long-term changes around RHS. The changemakers foundation was built upon being a group where people can feel happy.

Graphic by Crystal Tran

“Changemakers’ goal is just to create a connection for anybody who has the same goal of helping others by setting an example and just trying to be happy while making others happy in the process,” senior Dylan Jacob said. “I believe that by bringing people together, no matter who you are, and giving them a non-judgemental place for them to feel connected with others, and free to strive for their goals while [at the same time] helping others would really help people through a lot.”

The Changemakers already have a project in mind that will help represent nearly every sector of RHS’ after school programs. The Changemakers have decided that art could help them accomplish this goal.

“Currently me and the Changemakers are already working on a [mural] project with hopes of boosting morale for the students and helping give [them] represenation at the same time [by representing] many really cool groups here at the school,” Jacobs said. “Maybe with our combined efforts and endless ambition we can make a name for ourselves and really spark some new inspiration here at the school and glue people together with our awesome community of red devil pride.”

The Changemakers have big ambitions, but this may not be enough for students to consider joining. Nonetheless, the Changemakers have various reasons to why the group felt special enough for them to participate in it.

“I was introduced to the group by a teacher, Mr. Ronne, and I learned that it was a small group that senior [Dylan Jacob] wanted to form,” junior Gavin Lacey said. “I was more-so interested in the subject matter and what they wanted to do, and not so much the title, because I thought it was very bland.”

It wasn’t easy for the Changemakers to get this far, and the road ahead clearly isn’t a simple walk as well. However, they hope that their sharp perseverance and keen determination will help pave the way to a better future for RHS.

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Students’ ambition to create a positive world