Ten possible date night spots


WHETHER it is a first date or a 6th date, picking where to go for a date can sometimes be a bit of a hassle. You have so many factors you have to consider like what to wear, how much money you will be spending, what you want to do on the date, if you want to have a casual date or a more formal date, etc. Once you figure out what type of date you want, you have to begin planning it. The first thing you want to do is pick the location of the date. Here is a list of ten possible date night ideas and spots for you and your significant other to experience and have a good time!
Date ideas:
1. The mall: Going to the mall might not seem like much of a date but you can buy something from the Pretzel Twister and talk while walking or shopping around the mall
2. Bowling: This date is casual and fun. Depending on how much privacy you want on this date, you can choose to go with a group or with just your date.
3. Coffee date: There a couple of different places to pick from for a coffee date like Roscoes, Starbucks,
5th Street Coffee & Bagels, or Bismarck Donuts & Coffee. This is an ideal date for conversation and it is inexpensive.
4. Movie date: This is a less conversational date but still equally as fun! You can choose to go to AMC, or go to a drive-in somewhere nearby, or just gather some snacks and watch a movie at home.
5. Frozen treat date: Similar to the coffee date you also have a couple of different cites to pick from like Dairy Queen, Muddy Monkeys, Ullery’s, and most fast food locations sell ice cream. This is a casual and conversational date.
6. Dinner date: There are many restaurants you can pick from if you choose to go out like Olive Garden, Applebees, Chili’s, O’Charleys, Red Lobster, etc. Or you can choose to impress your date by cooking a meal at home for them and decorating the table you will be eating at to make it more romantic.
7. Mini golf: This date is similar to bowling, it is fun and casual and it is a great spot for a double date. Just be sure to make sure the weather is nice that day!
8. Arts and craft date: You can get very creative with this date. You could choose to go out to Paint the Towne or buy some art supplies and create something between the two of you.
9. Depot District: If the weather is nice enough, you and your significant other could take a walk around the Depot District and visit local shops!
10. Game night: This is more of a group activity! You can choose to gather multiple friends or other couples and have a partner competition! This gives you a chance to see how well you and your date work together.