Why people take classes they don’t need

EVERYBODY has a dream job. Some people want to own a big company, or make games. For every job that’s out there, people have to take classes to get there. But everyone has to take classes that they’re never going to use. If the student was going to be an artist, they wouldn’t need to know how to find the square root of something. It’s likely something like Algebra wouldn’t benefit them in the long run. However, there could be several reasons for this.

“People take additional classes, or electives, to pursue other interests, and in some cases, a potential hobby,” said Spanish teacher Tess Scheiben. “When I was a student at RHS, I took several art classes my senior year because I had room in my schedule and I enjoyed painting and making jewelry. Taking other classes makes you a more well-rounded individual. At Earlham College, I had to take two science courses for non-majors, I enjoyed them immensely. I also took three art classes. This was all part of the liberal arts degree.”

People can have hobbies outside of their chosen career to be more ‘well-rounded’, but there are other potential reasons.

“It seems interesting, and in the future, people might want to pursue it,” said sophomore Noah Foster. “People can always change their plans for the future.” People can realize that they enjoy something when they originally thought it wouldn’t matter.

“People take those classes because of other interests that they have that are not associated with what they want to do for a career,”  teacher Brian Sayne said. “Many college students do not know what they want to do for a career their first or possibly second year of college and do not know what they want to do until they have explored different classes. Many people have more than one job over the course of their careers as well, so it is a good idea to diversify their classes. I took some classes in college that were strictly exploratory and found out that I definitely did not want a job in that area of work. Plus, people change their minds.”

People rarely know what they want to do with their life for sure, so it’s always a good idea to have a few backups in mind.