Maximizing your health with a good diet



AN eating habit can be described as many things. It can be eating lots of vegetables, meat, or even chips. A question asked by many is what exactly are the different types of eating habits?

“Well, [an eating habit] is how you eat, you can choose how you eat and you can choose how to go about your eating habit,” freshman Ian Caraway said. “If you go eat McDonalds everyday that would be apart of your eating habits, which wouldn’t be a very good one, but it’s still one of many eating habits.”

There is a vast majority of eating habits and there are also dietary restrictions. We all know that eating is crucial in order to survive. Eating the right foods and the ones you enjoy can make eating much more enjoyable.

“I like eating healthy but I also like to reward myself every once in awhile,” sophomore Haylee Croslow said. “I don’t think there is anything wrong with that and it makes eating much better.”

Everyone has different opinions on if an eating habit is considered good or not. For example, a person who goes off a keto diet might believe they have the best eating habits while a vegan might disagree. It all depends on who you’re talking to. Everyone has different opinions.

“A good eating habit to me is what’s good in my eye,” Caraway said. “[If you’re trying to find what’s good then look at], what makes you do better when you eat and if you’re happy with a diet you’re going on. If you think that’s a good eating habit, then that’s for you.”

A vegan will avoid the use of animal products for ethical, health, or environmental reasons. A couple examples of these animal products they avoid are meat, dairy products, products that have animal products and much more.

“[When trying a vegan diet] I definitely eat plant-based food,” Caraway said. “They do help a lot. Non plant-based foods can lead to clogging up [the body]. Fruits and vegetables are obviously a good choice, they’re good and all.”

It’s also possible for a person not to have a specific eating habit. The person might eat a variety of different foods.

“I eat whatever I think is good for me but I also like to eat junk every once in a while,” she said. “I don’t see anything wrong with that because that’s what most people do. I think society thinks people should eat healthy constantly and that’s not always going to happen.”

No matter how a person eats they shouldn’t be ashamed of it. If you want to try to eat differently there are tons of ways to do it and many choices.

“I do think you should definitely get those core things in there that help you and that are healthy,” Caraway said. “Like all the stuff that the food charts tell you.”

When people deprive nourishment to their bodies it can lead to issues. Poor eating habits can have many downsides. It can cause stress, fatigue, weakening the body, and much more. There are also more serious issues it can cause like eating disorders and risks for strokes.

“It’s very, very important that you have a good eating habit because if you don’t it can lead to serious issues,” Croslow said. “There are so many risks you can be putting yourself at.”

   If you’re unhappy with the way you’re eating there are couple of ways to change your diet. A good way to begin is to start leaning to the goal you’re trying to achieve.

   “I believe if someone is trying to eat healthier then they should start by making a list of what this new diet will consist of,” Croslow said. “This will help the person become more organized and they’ll know what goals they’re trying to reach.”

   It may take awhile to transfer to a whole new way of eating but it’s worth it and it can be helpful in the future.

   “As long as you’re happy with the way you’re eating and you’re getting the nutrients you need then I full heartedly believe you’re fine,” Croslow said. “Switching over to a new style of eating habits may be a hard process but can help tremendously.”