Classroom or computer learning

Making the choice

Classroom or computer learning

NATALIE nervously waits for her counselor. Although she’s only a junior, she needs to make decisions about her senior year. Not only what classes she wants to take, but how she would like to take them.

Many students face this dilemma. Some know what they want to do when it comes to taking online or regular classes, others have no idea. Whatever the case may be, it’s still good to know the pros and cons of both regular classes and normal ones.

Most that take online usually do because it’s easy, fast, personable. Online classes can help students who would like to graduate by being an alternative way to earning their credits. Online classes are in the basement and depending on how many classes you are taking, you could be staring at a computer for hours. The class is not interactive and instead, you independently work on your own. It’s a quiet area with a lot of focus and work.

Senior Bailey Antrim feels online classes were the right choice for his style of learning.

“In an online class,” he said. “You are working on your own time. It’s more of a relaxed environment and helps me be productive. I’m taking Econ, government, and  pre-Cal. It’s easier to take these hard classes downstairs.Online felt like the easier option and gave me a way to achieve my goals.”

Antrim is taking three classes online and feels it’s much easier to take his hard classes online and get them out of the way.

Some feel that regular classes aid in giving students a better social environment over taking online classes. Antrim, however,  feels the opposite.

“It’s a better chance to be social because it’s small and everyone gets to know everyone,” he said.

Many students may be quick to choose online classes over having an in-class experience to get their credits faster. However, a regular class environment may be more beneficial for other students learning styles.

A regular class has a teacher who gives a different task every day. It can help people who need extra assistance from a teacher or people that like listening to the teacher explain things.

Senior Freya Beinart is taking regular classes and enjoys them.

“In regular classes,” Beinart said. “You are more involved with the teacher, so it’s better than online classes where you’re staring at a screen all day. I like the idea of being social with my friends and being upstairs. Overall, just being in a more interactive learning environment.”

At the end of the day, it is up to you what classes you decide to take and how you take them. Both online and regular classes have positive and negative aspects about them. Nevertheless, students find success in both learning environments. Students need to think about their learning style and what teaching environment suits them the best.