Freshmen spend time journaling


Photo by Amariah smith

Students in Amy Altman’s 6th period 9th grade English class selected some of their favorite journal entries by classmates. Here are a few.

Topic: Describe your best friend

“Youtube is my best friend. It is my best friend because it helps me through stress. When I am stressed, I watch Youtube and block myself out from everything and everybody. So, I can watch it and hope things that stress me out will go away. But they never do. I am always depressed and stressed. I love to watch Youtube.”

Janie Shelton

Topic: What is your favorite food and a happy memory associated with it?

“My favorite food is pizza because it’s a good food. I have a lot of happy memories with pizza. Every year, my family and I go to my great-grandma’s house on Christmas Eve. My aunt would bring Pizza King and we would have a blast. So that’s my favorite food and my happy memory.”

Joshua Pierce

Topic: Who has been a positive inspiration to you?

“My 6th grade year, I started HUB league football: my first organized sport. The coaches made the biggest impact on me of my life. The coaches taught me perseverance, maturity, focus, and many other things that have made me who I am today.”

Anthony Cross

“Most people leave your life because they didn’t get what they wanted when they entered your life. The people that stay really care and aren’t there to use you but to grow with you.”

Joycelyn Dryden

Topic: Freewrite

“I’m thankful for my band teachers. They teach us new things, even if we don’t want to. They make everything fun. That’s how we get better, by being there and learning. If we mess something up they are there putting it together, part by part. They keep their cool and that helps us concentrate and not feel pressured. I’m thankful that they are there helping us. They are funny and kind. They are also helpful. I wouldn’t switch them for anything in the world.”

Angel Moreno