Hoping to revive Richmond's men's volleyball team, senior Ismael Calderon (middle) and junior Kellan Mauller (right) spark interest after posting on social media. (Provided by Kellan Mauller)
Hoping to revive Richmond's men's volleyball team, senior Ismael Calderon (middle) and junior Kellan Mauller (right) spark interest after posting on social media.

Provided by Kellan Mauller

Students hope to bring back men’s volleyball

August 15, 2019

Kellan Mauller was inspired when he left the Tiernan Center after the volleyball scrimmage against Union County. However, it had nothing to do with the match.

He was excited about playing volleyball. The only chance young men have had in the past to play volleyball is through intramurals.

While on the popular app Snapchat,  Mauller decided to post a picture with the caption “how we get a men’s volleyball team started.” While he may have not thought much about the post, a sudden turn of events happened as more and more people began posting it to their stories as well.

“Making a boys volleyball team would just be a cool experience to be involved in,” senior Ismael Calderon said. “And watching the girl’s volleyball team definitely inspired us.”

Kellan Mauller
This is the original post made on junior Kellan Mauller’s Snapchat, that began the discussion of starting a men’s volleyball team.

Not only do they feel that it would be fun, but also believe it would help with declining school spirit.

“[We] felt the energy,” Mauller said. “And now that we don’t have [a] student section, it’s like dead in Tiernan. And we know a bunch of people [are] interested, so maybe we can get it packed again.”

Mauller’s post quickly spread over social media.

“Response has been so great,” Calderon said. “I didn’t know there was other guy’s interested in playing volleyball too.”

People were quick to reach out, hoping to help the cause.

“Mr.Hill was the first advocate [of] the idea and told us we should approach Woolpy,” Mauller said. “We also had somebody offer to sponsor on Facebook. As well as many kids wanting to watch or play.”

It’s been many years since Richmond has had a men’s volleyball team.

“Three years ago we had an intramural men’s volleyball team sponsored by staff,” Mauller said. “And I want to bring it back. I have a list of people very interested and even the head coach of girl’s volleyball said it was a good idea and needed to happen. Many schools in Indiana have men’s volleyball teams and enough players for a varsity and JV team, such as Ben Davis, Carmel, Cathedral, and more.”

The two will be taking Mr.Hill’s advice and plan on talking to principal Rae Woolpy tomorrow about it.

“[We’re going to] tell her we need to bring Richmond back on the map with boy’s volleyball,” Calderon said. “And it would overall spread around Indiana to make other boy’s volleyball teams.”

Mauller believes that having a men’s volleyball team will lead to positive outcomes for Richmond athletics.

“RHS has declined over the years for how packed we get Tiernan,” he said. “And I feel like we can spark something. Not only will this benefit the players and is a fun alternative for many kids, it will also influence a larger crowd at the girls game since we have to support our girls team too.”

Mauller also believes that the only thing holding them back is getting the help they need from RHS staff.

“Jeremy Hill and many other RHS alumni want us to bring our energy into this gym,” he said.  “I’ll bring the kids, if you guys can provide the staff. I feel with your connections we can make another winning program at RHS.”

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