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These pictures show students in the RHS drama club performing You’re a good man Charlie Brown. (Pierian photos by: J’naya Thompson)
These pictures show students in the RHS drama club performing You’re a good man Charlie Brown.

Pierian photos by: J’naya Thompson

Through students eyes

What students have to say about joining clubs

May 22, 2019

Clubs give us opportunities to open our minds to bigger things, meet new people, and have a great experience. There are many different clubs with many different people. Clubs can be something fun or something more serious. Joining clubs can be easy for some, but for others, it’s a huge step out of their comfort zone. Sometimes that leap can be beneficial. Joining a club may take a lot of commitment and responsibility, but it can be worth it.

There are some more serious clubs such as a business club.

“I’m in Business Professionals of America (BPA),” freshman Molly Mendenhall said. “I decided to be in this club because I’m taking multiple business classes, and I think that I want to enter the field of business during and after college. Also, BPA is a great opportunity for students to grow their confidence and leadership skills.”

Some students join clubs not for the educational benefits, but for fun.

“In drama, acting and singing is something I love doing, you get to meet such talented people that help you improve and give you confidence,” junior Diana Martinez said.” “I remember we were all getting makeup done, getting into our outfits and we could hear the audience. I loved the support and the exciting moments I got to experience with my team.”

Being involved in multiple clubs can provide different experiences and fill different needs.

“In the international club you meet people from different parts of the world and you get to experience new cultures and new foods,” Martinez said.

There are many other priorities to be taken care of and being involved in a club can interfere with commitments.

“I don’t have time to be fully committed to one [club],” junior Kayleigh Hampton said. “If I weren’t so busy I would definitely consider joining a club probably when I’m not so busy, but I also might join one next year just to try something different and new.”

For some, the problem might not be commitment or time but being unaware of what clubs are available.

“I haven’t really taken the time to fully scan the list of clubs, but I’m sure there is a plentiful selection,” sophomore Alyssa Haller said. “Maybe the faculty and student body could make a point to advertise the clubs more, that way each student would have a better idea of what all is offered at our school.”

“I don’t know the clubs that we have, but I would like to be offered a club that teaches self-love and encouragement.”

Clubs are known for a good learning experience and learning how to work with others.

“You learn how to act professionally, and learn life skills that would be valuable in any type of career and not just business,” Mendenhall said.

By stepping out of one’s comfort zone, they can gain confidence, and experience things they otherwise wouldn’t have been able to. “I have met my closest friends through the International club and it just feels great getting out of my comfort zone and communicating with others,” Martinez said.

At times clubs can be stressful but it all depends on what clubs students join.

“BPA has been stressful because it’s a club that involves competing against kids from many different schools,” Mendenhall said. “It is stressful when you have to create a quality project at a certain deadline, the presentation of the project can be stressful, and it can be stressful taking tests,” Mendenhall said.

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