(Photo by Ali Garey)

Photo by Ali Garey

Making dreams a reality

May 15, 2019

The bright lights flash as the photographer snaps shots of Annabelle posing for a new ad campaign for Versace’s new clothing line. Since she was a young girl, Annabelle dreamt about making it big as a model and an actress. She kept going for audition after audition until she got her big break. Knowing that if she kept dreaming, she could finally achieve her goals.

Many of us have dreams, but only a few of us chase them.

“When I was younger I had always dreamed about doing it [modeling] because I thought it would be cool but as I got older I don’t think too much about doing it,” junior Giselle Marsteller said. “I joined the modeling world because it was something I wanted to do when I was little.”

The journey to achieving your dream may be hard, but it’s up you to face the milestones.

“My dream is to become a famous and successful actor who goes down in history with some of the other greats,” freshman Jackson Thompson said. “I wanted to get myself out there, one day I could get on the big screen.”

Modeling can be nerve-racking there’s a lot of things to learn and do.

“You have to send in an application with a photo attached and they go from there,” Marsteller said. “I was very nervous but I had already sent in my application beforehand so it wasn’t that bad.”

Photo by Ali Garey

People must do a lot of preparations in order to be ready.

“For modeling, this was the first audition I didn’t know anything,” Thompson said. “I did everything I could do to look my best and looked up a couple of things I needed to do. In all fairness, I just winged it.”

Auditions may seem simple but can be complex.

“We read a little script thing in front of a camera and did a runway walk,” Thompson said. “I tried to stay serious and attentive, I paid attention and looked confident.”

Photoshoots help upcoming models attract clients in search of new talents.

“I have [done a  photo shoot] but it was to get me to give to clients when I have an interview for a modeling job,” Marsteller said. “I was very nervous, the photographer was very sweet and she helped me feel more comfortable.”

Somethings might come in unexpected ways but can bring great results.

“I have done a photo shoot but not for my agency,” Thompson said. “Someone local who submits pictures into some kind of magazine asked if I could do a photo shoot for her and I did.”

Modeling is like school, with classes, instructions, and grades.

“They gave me specific time for the next morning to call and if I didn’t answer the call at that exact time then I wouldn’t get the chance to call back,” Thompson said. “The grades are A, B, C. C means you’re not in at the time come back a year later. B means we would like you to take training and then sign you off. A means you’re officially in without the training thing. I got a B+. I started my classes a few weeks ago.”

Simple things we were taught like walking is different in the modeling world.

“I had to take three classes where they taught us how to walk and turns,” Marsteller said. “You have to step as you see on tv where it’s one foot in front of the other.”

Signing to an agency is a huge commitment.

“I had to wear a black dress and black heels they basically just sat down with me and described the process I would have to go through to get signed,” Marsteller said. “I signed with New View Models and Talent because they have a good client base and have a good reputation of creating good models.”

This a no laughing matter, anyone who signs can tell you how serious it is.

“They talked about how it’s not a joke and you have to take it seriously and what it would be like if you got in,” Thompson said.

Everybody looks up to someone for inspiration for any and everything.

“In the modeling world I look up to look up to Iyonna Fairbanks because she is from the same modeling agency and she made it big from here,” Marsteller said. “If I didn’t sign with this agency I probably would have worked somewhere in town, so I hope I continue doing this until I at least graduate because it took a long time and training.”

Role models are there to help guide people in the right path and give them something to look forward to in the future.

“I look up to John Casablancas [the founder of the company] who will sign me over to the MTM (Model and Talent Management) and because they offered me to join,” Thompson said. “I can see myself continuing this career in my future. A lot of it is how you portray yourself.”

Modeling may sound fun but you have to be willing to work.

“Some advice I would give to someone who wants to be a model is that it’s not as scary as it seems and you have to be willing to put in work and practice,” Marsteller said. “You have to be willing to work.”

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