Background: Billie Eilish’s “WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO?” is her debut studio album. It was released on March 29, 2019.


bad guy – The fusion of the snapping fingers, Eilish’s soft voice, the use of the electric sounds, and the bass dropping towards the end makes for a delightful track.


xanny This starts off with her voice being very dominant behind a track of what sounds like a restaurant of some sort. Then it goes quiet until the bass drops hard behind her subtle voice, making her voice distorted. I like the way they combine that effect because it goes really well. Throughout the climax, the harmonies of her other voices are with drums and a piano. The ending makes it very chilling but yet satisfying at the same time.


you should see me in a crown – Her voice comes in with a ghostly sound that gives me goosebumps. There is a scraping noise that follows as the beat comes in. She continues as this sound begins to climax before the drops really hard with her voice making it so much more powerful. The beats are very nice and fit well.The beats get faster and go for another bass drop. The song finishes with another person repeating some lyrics and Eilish comes back into finish the song.


all the good girls go to hell –  This song is ok, just that, nothing more because of the soft tone it doesn’t mix well with the upbeat style.


wish you were gay – The beat makes me feel very relaxed and very mellow. Eilish’s high range is very nice and impressive. Hearing both a bass and clapping makes this song feel very catchy. Definitely one of the better songs on the album.


when the party’s over – Another great song, and it doesn’t use a lot of techno sounds that are dirty sounding. Her falsettos are so nice and enjoyable. The piano makes the whole piece very sentimental. Definitely a song that plucks at the heartstrings.


8 – The song includes a ukulele making this have a positive vibe, the voice alternates between her signature low and raspy style and a younger kid.


my strange addiction – The opening lyrics are from NBC’s “The Office” from episode “Threat Level Midnight.” It adds an amusing feature to the already great song, tying the song perfectly with the lines from the episode.


bury a friend – Easily the best song from the album, it is very upbeat but makes you want you to walk with it. The harmonic vocals create a scream like sound and the chorus is very relaxing with the creepiness but also bringing the brilliance of all the different compositions.


ilomilo –  The beat is very interesting and paced frequently. This gives me 80s pop sounds from the use of the techno sounds. Her voice sounds separated which is the best part.


listen before i go – The piano and her voice is very powerful and moving. The longer chords on the piano make this song have meaning. The bass goes down slower with the hard-hitting quality.


i love you – A simple acoustic and her voice make it a very simple sound. The chorus gets a lot louder when she says ‘I love you.’ Another successfully moving song even with its simplicity.


goodbye – Harmonic tunes with the overall sound going down one note at a time. This last song uses lyrics that were used throughout her other songs but they are used in a more demonic tone.


The overall rating – Billie Eilish’s studio debut was a definite success. The overall sound at first, made me think that I was not going to enjoy this at all. Key songs that were good were ‘when the party’s over,’ ‘my strange addiction,’ and ‘bury a friend.’ These songs are different in their own right but showed that they were top-notch. Eilish’s signature sound made it so much more impactful because she showed that you don’t need very high registers and loud sounding vocals to make it big time.  My rating for this album is an 8.5/10, a very high score for a beautiful combination of songs.