Students selling their clothing/Instagram closets

This picture shows an Instagram closet with different clothing, accessories, shoes, and much more. This closet is owned by sophomore Courtney Mullins.

Sitting on her phone scrolling through instagram is Alexis. She stops and finds a cute top from American Eagle and it’s only five dollars. Alexis is very inspired by this account and wants to try something new. Alexis has been selling clothes ever since and has enjoyed every part of it. Her closet on instagram has grown and also inspired others to selling their clothing, shoes, and many other items.

Selling clothes all starts with an inspiration and here’s Hunter’s.

“I really liked that it was a start to me becoming an entrepreneur and I thought others could use the clothes more than I could,” senior Hunter Walters said.

Starting something new can be very scary but it all passes.

“I didn’t think in the beginning i’d get many girls to look through the page, but having prices so cheap helps a lot,” sophomore Courtney Mullins said. If these clothes are just going to just sit in my closet i misewell sell them for cheap.”

Many students have been selling their clothes for a longer period of time and some are new.

“I started selling clothes I’d say around 4 months ago,” Walters said. “It has gotten a pretty good publicity, I just needed to put more effort into it for better success.”

Buying used clothes, shoes, phone cases, or any other used item can be very cheap and beneficial to people who do not spend their money on those types of items.

“I believe the prices I have are very reasonable,” Mullins said. “I feel like everyone who’s bought from my page have felt the same way, nobody has been hesitant to want the item because the price.”

Meeting new people through this process is very helpful and is good to have something in common with each other.

“ I’ve definitely met new people from having this page and having people who are interested in buying something means meeting up with them,” Mullins said. “Sometimes it can be funny, like carrying clothes through the hall or something if we go to school together and a lot of my followers are also closet pages, where they sell the same kind of things.”

Not only is this beneficial to the people selling the clothes but it’s very beneficial to the people buying the clothing.

“I can see it helping other people and the environment due to clothes being reused,” Walters said.

Finding people who sell clothes and other items that you like can be hard to find but there are so many options.

“I sell a variety between jeans hoodies and shirts, to shoes and electronic cases,

name brand jeans, Victoria Secret or Hollister,” Mullins said. “Just a month into it i’ve sold four jeans, being ten dollars each i’ve been able to go out and buy new jeans and i’ve been able to have that extra money when I want to upgrade my wardrobe or if there’s something I want.”

Courtney has some words for others who are interested in the same things as her.

“Talking to someone who’s interested in selling their clothes I mainly just remind them that it’s easy to do, and it gives people new clothing and you gain from it

no there’s no cons to having my closet, i haven’t had any issues.”