Spring break isn’t always for traveling

Seniors share their stay-at-home plans

The time has finally come. The time to rest. The time to party. The time to get away. It truly depends on who you are. Spring break has finally reached our doors, as seniors enjoy their last one as high schoolers.

“It’ll be good to get a break from all this stuff,” senior John Cadle said. “I literally sit in the basement [here at RHS] for four hours straight.”

Cadle looks forward to this upcoming time for more than just a get-away from school work, but to catch up on the sleep he’s been missing.

“I’m gonna sleep, play a lot of video games, talk to someone, and watch some Netflix,” he said. “I’ll wake up at five when dinner’s done.”

Others have bigger plans and even better occasions to celebrate.

“I am working Monday and Tuesday,” senior Lily Anderson said. “Then I’ll go out with my family for my 18th birthday.”

As the celebration starts this week [March 21st] for Anderson, plans are to keep the party going through all of break.

“I’m going to hang out with my friends Hayley and Ashley,” she said. “Probably going to go swimming and then we’re going to Dave and Buster’s on Thursday.”

Unlike the birthday girl, others may not want the break based on that fact alone.

“It’s closer to graduating, but I won’t be able to be with friends,” Cadle said.

Students may not even be with friends and more with family.

“As of recently, my family rented a cabin for a few days in McKee Kentucky,” senior Angel Juan-Lamb said. “It’s inside the woods and has some hiking trails and apparently a little drop off where we can jump from the ledge into the water, which sounds exciting but also scary so who knows if I’ll do it, but we’ll see!”

Juan-Lamb even shared even more plans that would last through the week.

“We are also planning on later that week, to go to the Newport aquarium which none of us has been,” she said. “My little sister is excited.”

With Juan-Lamb’s family, there are reasons behind the family’s vacation.

“My family does this every year, mainly during the summer but decided to during spring break this time,” she said. “With me leaving for college, my mom wanted to do it a few more times.”

The break isn’t just time with family, friends or even vacations, but rather another stepping stone for the next season to come.

“[I] can’t wait for the warm weather,” Anderson said. “Summer just brings out so much in me, I feel more awake and happy.”