How self-care impacts students daily

Photo by Jasmin Lykke
Two bullet journal entries, one about goals for this week and the other is a sleep tracker. It’s another example of keeping organized.

WHEN freshman Mallory Sparks didn’t take self-care seriously, she suffered from huge hives because of stress with school. It was testing time and she didn’t take time to breathe and learned the hard way that self-care needs to be taken into account and made a priority in everyone’s life.

“Self-care to me is making sure you are healthy,” Sparks said. “For example eating the right things for your body, exercising regularly, and making sure you’re not stressing yourself out as I once did.”

The overall definition of self-care is taking time for oneself to gain control and maintain a peaceful lifestyle. Positive mental health also contributes to self-care. It’s putting one’s needs first. It could be eating to nourish the body or even taking a break at times.

“To me, self-care is taking care of yourself, it can be anything really,” freshman Brittney Beach said. “It can be taking a bubble bath or treating yourself to a little extra because it’ll make you happy, or even eating something because you know it’s healthy and your body will thank you for it.”

When taking part in self-care, it can be as easy as doing a face mask or even playing a video game. It’s necessary that the mind and body can take a break occasionally. It doesn’t have to be extremely complicated.

“Self-care is loving yourself, taking care of yourself both mentally and physically,” junior Heaven Stephens said. “It is important so you can thrive in life and be the best version of yourself  that you can be.”

Photo by Jasmin Lykke
Bullet journals are used to keep track of what’s going on in a person’s life. It helps people keep organized so they aren’t stressed.

Even though some may not realize it, self-care teaches people self-love and how to care for themselves as well as others. Self-care is beneficial not only for oneself but for those around them.

“Self-care is important because people should take care of themselves to be healthy and happy,” Beach said. “Self-care isn’t just about physical health. In my opinion, it’s about mental health and mental health is rarely    focused on. Self-care is something you can do to make you healthier, both  physically and mentally.”

Self-care is something that some fail to participate in fully.

“During self-care, it’s necessary to put your own needs and the things that make you happy at the forefront of your life,” Stephens said. “Without self-care, you cannot love  yourself or others fully. I feel it’s something a lot of people lack in this day and age.”

A self-care tip I would give to others is to always put yourself first, it’s okay to be selfish”

— junior Heaven Stephens

There are many reasons a person might lack the ability to care for themselves and one is putting others needs before their own. For students, it’s also school.

“I do tend to put others before myself,” Beach said. “If a friend needs me I don’t care what I’m doing I’ll drop it off for them unless I can’t. Often times I drop school things off for my friends and I know I shouldn’t because school is important and all but so are the people I care about. I care about my friends more than I care about myself or school, which can be problematic at times but I feel like a lot of people are like that.”

In order to love and care for others, people need to learn to love and care for themselves.

“A self-care tip I would give to others is to always put yourself first, it’s okay to be selfish,” Stephens said. “If it doesn’t make you happy, even if it means sacrificing  someone’s friendship, if it doesn’t help you grow, then it’s not worth it.”

Self-care can be achieved in many different ways.

“The way I achieve self-care is I eat fruit or vegetables with my meals and I try to go to the gym twice a week,” Sparks said. “I always take a break in the evening to take a breather and de-stress.”

Some people don’t take self-care as seriously as they should because they might not know all the benefits.

“Doing anything that makes you happy or something that you know that is good for you will have a good outcome,” Beach said. “You would benefit from doing it and be  happier and healthier. It’s like when you’re little and you have to eat your  vegetables before you can have the cake, the vegetables are the self-care and the cake is a good outcome.”

When people start doing self-care, they might not know where to start, so Sparks shares some of her own self-care tips.

“I would tell people to find something that you think tastes good that’s healthy and incorporate that in one of your three meals a day,” she said. “Also I would say to make time for yourself, maybe going out with some friends or stay in and watch a movie, then finally try to have physical activity.”