Academic Excellence

The Academic Excellence ceremony will take place this year on Friday, April 19 at 6:30 p.m. The ceremony will recognize seniors who have maintained at least a 3.5 GPA within their high school career. Students and their chosen staff member will be brought on stage while comments to each other are read to the audience. Students who will be recognized are listed below.

Payton Vanmiddlesworth, Lainey Barker, Rebecca Bailey, Ryan Hollingsworth, Michael Siler, Alexander Eastman, Jacey Cornett, Charles “Mike” Martin, Dylan Muse, Megan Quinn,
Conner Necessary, Jacob Thalls, Dylan Selby, Maria Aquino, Brianna Pfoutz, Claira Laughlin-Foster, Breanna McKinney, Morgan Armstrong, Hunter Walters, Karissa Owens, Isaiah Cox, Madison Allen, Brice Brown, Shylah Gibson, Audrey Meyer, Sierra Wandersee, Phillip Hobbs, Madeline Freeman, Mason Brewer, Joshlyn Sandlin, Bailey Swearingen, Allison Luce, Charley Catt, Erika Schweppe, Mackenzie Cook, Isaac Harrison, Jennifer Lopez, Taijym Deloney, Julian Holguin, Brisa Calderon, Jake Miller, Luke Hays, Fernando Santiago-Contreras, Joanna Bowery, Brady Mann, Mary Prinkey, Elizabeth Lofton, Logan Neal, Wyatt Sinclair, Joni Puterbaugh, Toby Foley, Evyn Duke, Joshua Becknell, Owen Shaw, Zeyan “Zachary” Huang, Calli Hammock, Trenity Seiferid, Courtney Clever, Jaymeson Lakes.