Saturday night fever – where to hang out on days off

February 28, 2019

Krystal Mathews

DERRICK calls up his friends over the weekend, it’s the perfect weather to go hang out somewhere. For many teens, hanging out with friends is a common way to waste away their holidays and breaks. Places like bowling alleys, coffee shops, and even the public library offer great ways to spend time.

“Bowling is always fun,” sophomore Luke Sheridan said. “I like going to restaurants and eating with people.”

Bowling is a popular pastime in Richmond. Not only is it a great way to be with friends, but your experience won’t always be the same depending on your friend group. It is especially popular on Saturdays when the 40 Bowl has cosmic bowling.

“It’s easier to bowl that time,” freshman Judah Belcher said. “It’s not like people are looking at you because the lights are off but you can still see everything perfectly so it feels like attention isn’t drawn to you. Sometimes you wanna do something and feel like you’re the only one there and you’re not being watched, even in a crowd.”

If you don’t enjoy the popularity of 40 Bowl, you can try the other bowling alley in Richmond, Legends Lanes.

“Legends, or [formerly] Do Re Mi, they didn’t advertise as much,” Belcher said. “You ask people about Legends, most people don’t know what it is, but 40 Bowl is the known one.”

However, some people don’t have the most convenient places to hang out with friends. Some people like to shake things up a little bit.

“It’s really an escape from everyday life down there. There are no rules, you can do anything without consequences.””

— sophomore Richie Abrams said

“I normally hang out under 20th street bridge with two close friends,” sophomore Richie Abrams said. “We normally paint stuff down there and just chill.”

Some people may not like going to bridges or bowling. They may want a more relaxed feel like a pizza place or even a place like Richmond Civic Theatre.

“I do spend a lot of time at Richmond Civic Theatre where I do plays and that sort of thing,” Sheridan said. “Usually after I’m done with that I spend some time with some other people that were in that [play] because we’re usually pretty good friends. I also go to the pizza place [Big Boyz] that’s next door, usually on two dollar breadstick night. That’s Tuesday, by the way, if anybody’s wondering.”

No matter where people go, they usually have a reason why they choose that specific place.

Whether it’s a restaurant, a movie, or just someone’s house, the group of friends with someone are who make that time together special, not the venue.

“It really all depends on the people you’re doing it with,” Sheridan said. “Where you go and the feel of the night is gonna depend on who you’re spending it with.”

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