Snyder’s not so typical school day

Jada Jointer, Reporter

TERRY Snyder doesn’t have a typical school day. In fact, his day is anything but typical. As a high school student, Terry’s schedule doesn’t resemble that of others and is unique in it’s own way.

In the cafeteria with friends and teacher Saundra Harrison, Terry sits with his laptop open showing some of his favorite gruesome scenes from Alien and Predator (two scary movies that he highly suggests). This is the beginning of a normal day for Terry.

At 8:20 the sound of the tardy bell silenced the cafeteria and alerted students to get to their first period, but the sound had a different meaning for Terry. Terry packed his laptop away and grabbed a rag, to clean off his assigned tables. Terry and his class participated in jobs, to help build an understanding of the workforce. His job was to help clean off tables in the cafeteria after breakfast. Once he finished his tables he helped clean off other cafeteria tables of students who weren’t there.  After everyone was finished with their jobs they went back to their room. Once there, Terry went to grab his key for his locker and then went directly to the bathroom to change for one of his favorite classes, gym.

At 9:20, Terry’s class was greeted with a different ringing sound, a fire alarm. A fire drill had taken place that then cancelled their regularly scheduled gym class for the day. In gym, Terry normally gets to participate in energetic games like basketball with his friends. Even with gym cancelled Terry still held a smile on his face and engaged in an intense YouTube debate with some of his friends. Back in the classroom, everyone regrouped and received cookies for the hour because, “good behavior throughout the week equals treats on Friday,” Harrison said.

Afterwards, Terry turned in his folder, full of papers and packets that he worked on throughout the week.  With folder turned in he went to Jennifer Heartman’s nutrition and wellness class.

In Heartman’s class Terry regularly  learns about safety habits to take with him throughout his daily life. On Fridays, however,  he gets to partake in fun activities, like games with some of his classmates. In class he played “you tell me” an interactive talking game where, he and his classmates had to tell facts about themselves, based on the question they landed on. It’s a time filled with laughter and smiles within the groups and teachers joining in and helping Terry and other classmates. Going to Heartman’s class isn’t always routine, due to surprise cancellations. Terry is flexible in these situations in adjusting his schedule and doing something else with his class. After everything was cleaned up and put away, everyone divided and went to their next class.

With graduated cylinder in hand, Terry stared at the rising waterline and read out measurements to his lab partners while writing it on paper. Terry and his lab partners did an interactive lab trying to find the identity to unknown cylinders based off of their densities at around 11 o’clock in science with Sarah Hawley.

Science class is one of Terry’s favorites alongside english with Damion Bruns. Terry’s science class was his first transition class from Life Skills to a more regular class environment of the day. Terry was very interactive throughout the whole period, scratching down numbers alongside his lab partners and figuring out qualitative data.

During science I asked Terry which class he liked more, “I like science class, but I like staying with my friends in Ms. Harrison’s classroom too,” Snyder said. Terry helped clean up his lab bench and headed towards the cafeteria.

The aroma of chicken tenders and cold sack lunches filled the cafeteria, but Terry still gravitated to the scent of his favorite food, pizza. At the end of my time with Terry, we ended up in the lunchroom with Terry’s nose in his laptop and his tray covered with a pizza slice. Terry’s day isn’t typical, but for Terry not typical works best for him.