Similarities of siblings in school

Laiken Filipiak, Reporter

SIBLINGS Daulton and Clayton Coates are complete opposites, yet they get compared to each other often. In past years, they haven’t really been compared to each other but once high school hit and they both started doing after school sports, things changed.

“I don’t mind having him at school, it’s not different from the year he wasn’t here,” junior Daulton Coates said.

Teachers will sometimes compare a sibling’s work ethics or actions to the other’s. Even friends can compare siblings to each other if they do similar activities.

“People say that I can run faster than him in sports and stuff but I don’t really know I haven’t tested it out,” sophomore Clayton Coates said.

Siblings that do different activities will still be asked if their sibling is better than them.

“I play basketball and baseball and he plays soccer, people will ask who for example is better at soccer,” Daulton said. “Well obviously him because he plays soccer and I don’t,” he said.

Throughout the years, there are many pairs of siblings and twins that do get compared to each other by a teacher, but there are some teachers that overlook the people being related to each other and see them as their own person.

“I try to keep the siblings as their own person, if one sibling was top in their class and valedictorian, I wouldn’t expect them to be like that,”  Math teacher Scott Beaman said.

Everyone that has a sibling will at least once in their life have their names mixed up, whether it’s by a teacher or a friend, especially if they look almost alike.

“Sometimes teachers will have Daulton in class the year before and they’ll call me by his name on accident,” Clayton said.

We think that no one really pays attention to the things that siblings do, especially if they’re younger, but even if they’re older their attitude reflects onto their sibling and themselves.

“There would be times where Daulton would goof off in class, and people would come to me and say that I’m more mature than him,” Clayton said.

It’s easy to spot the difference in each set of siblings and or twins, whether it be in class or in the halls.

“I think I find when you have siblings in class whether it be Daulton or Clayton, or anyone else that you’re going to find similarities, such as working the same, but with those two I’m going to say they were pretty similar,” Beaman said.

Siblings sometimes don’t care that their older or younger siblings are at the same school, due to the fact they have gone to the same school or that they just don’t notice them as much as they thought they would have.

“There isn’t really much of a change with having a sibling in high school,” Daulton said. “It’s just having someone else there you can trust.”

It’s normal for people to see a similarity in siblings, but for some older and younger siblings, people can think they look more alike than they do.

“Some of our friends and teachers tell us we look alike, or say we look like twins,” Clayton said.

Just like every other set of siblings Daulton and Clayton are just one of many brothers or sisters that get compared to each other, or even called the opposite name from their actual name. They’re just your typical high school brothers.