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Teacher qualities: the good and the bad

Breanna McKinney, Copy Editor

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Everyone has their own opinion of others and standards for what makes someone a good or bad person. Employers have opinions on what makes a good worker, voters have opinions on what makes a good politician, and students have opinions on what makes a good teacher.

Some students like a laid-back teacher who does not give much work and some students appreciate a teacher who understands students could have more important things going on in their lives than school.

“I think being understanding is incredibly important and just being aware that students have their own lives and things going on and sometimes that can outweigh what goes on in school, but also being flexible with students,” senior Kaya Page said.

Other students think that the teachers should help keep the stresses of school to a small extent outside of school.

“I know in some classes you can’t avoid it, but heavy workloads over a short amount of time are really not good,” senior Evan Puterbaugh said. “If a teacher gives 50 pages every day that’s not good.”

Others feel that good teachers have a balance between too much and too little strictness.

“There needs to be that balance between too strict and not strict enough because if you have that teacher that is too strict kids are going to resent that teacher and not like that teacher,” senior Audrey Meyer said. “But if you are too relaxed people are like ‘we can do what we want’ and nothing gets done and nobody learns. If you have something in between you can have the teacher who is like, ‘hey, I’m okay with this as long as you follow these certain guide lines. ”

Meyer also thinks this balance should be found in other aspects of teaching.

“I feel like they should support you in what you do and they should want you to succeed. They are not supposed to dive completely into everything, they should want to help you, but it needs to strike that balance between too much and too little.”

Without the balance of too little and too much, teachers could end up with too little or too much power.

“I think having a superiority complex over your students and not treating them as equals [is a bad quality] and I think it’s really easy for teachers to almost get power hungry,” Page said. “That’s a bad quality to have because the dynamic should be that you are both learning things from each other and not just that you are superior.”

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Teacher qualities: the good and the bad