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Homecoming games events announced

Isaiah Cox, Online Editor

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After the Homecoming Parade on Wednesday, September 19, which begins at the pool at 6:30, the high school will host the Homecoming Games, a series of competitions between teams of students on the field. Outside the field, there will be booths set up by the RHS student council for all in attendance, a dunk tank, food trucks, and more. The games are going to begin at around 7:30, open for viewing to anyone in attendance. The following, in order, are the events for the teams on the field.

TP Qualifier– Line all teams up in a straight line on the hash marks at the 50.  One team member will stand on the 45 and be rolled in TP.

Each team has two rolls of toilet paper. They have to wrap their team members in the toilet paper until it is gone. If the roll breaks while wrapping, you must pass on the wrapping to the next member in your group. The top eight times getting rid of both rolls of toilet paper will advance to the next round. (8)

Cookie Face Race– Line up 4 teams on the 50 (5 members stand beside each other.  Line up the other 4 teams on the 45 facing the first 4.

Pick five members from your team. Each member will get a cookie and you put it on your forehead. You have to move the cookie down your face with just your face muscle, no use of anything else. If the cookie drops, you have to restart and put it back on your forehead. Your team finishes when all five members have moved the cookie from their forehead to their mouth.  The top four teams advance to the next round. (4)

Mix It Relay Race– Teams line up at the north goal line.  Each player races to the 40 and back to the goal line.  When your teammate crosses the goal line, the next person may start.

For this one, the other five members of the team have to do the relay race. The first person in line has to run. The second person has to hop. The third person in line has to skip. The fourth person has to crawl. The fifth person has to do the shoot dance. You will go to the finish line and back. The fastest 2 teams advance to the Finals.

Rock, paper, scissors finale– Each team is in a single file line opposite from each other- one team is at the 50 and the other team is at the 10. You have to jump across the yard markers (one at a time) until you meet the person from the other team. The winner of the rock, paper, scissors game continues to jump until they meet the next person- the loser goes to the back of the line. If a member of your team loses, the next person in line must start to jump until they meet the person from the other team. The goal is to make it to the other team’s side, which will end up beating a person on their last yard marker.  When 1 team member reaches the beginning of the other team’s line, they win it for their team.  See the Rowdy Red Devils (@bleachcreatch) tweet (with video) for an example.

If There is Time at the End- We will divide everyone into 2 teams, line up at the 50 and the goal line, and play a huge Rock, Paper Scissors contest (same rules as above) for everyone.

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Homecoming games events announced