Computers let Gabriel Meyer live his passion

Ryan Miller, Reporter

Everyone has a unique story to let the world know. It doesn’t have to be someone famous, everyone has a chance to tell it. Gabriel Meyer just now got his chance.

Gabriel Meyer is a sophomore who loves computers, but let’s see where it all began.

“I guess I should start with my birth, I’ve lived most of my life in a town called Laurel, Indiana.”

When talking about his career or what he wants to do with his life, the first thing that he mentioned was computers.

“I am completely obsessed with computers, and I built my own about a year ago I don’t really tell people about it, it’s just my passion,” Meyer said.

When people get to thinking about working with computers, they think about technicians, but his field may seem a lot harder.

“I am gonna go to college and go to work probably at Indianapolis somewhere as a network security specialist.” Meyer said.

To explain what a network security specialist does in basic terms. A network security specialist is someone who finds security threats and analyzes them. He wants to go to college at Ivy Tech because of family reasoning.

“I definitely want to do my first two years at Ivy Tech because my stepdad teaches there so that means I get two years completely free,” Meyer said.

One of the types of computers he has tons of knowledge of is Quantum computers.

To paraphrase what Quantum computers are, they are machines that possess a lot of power that analyze anything from data, predicting weather and etc.

In his freshman year, he took Computer Science, which Mrs. Selm teaches.

“I had Gabe all last year in class for Computer Science course and he also was in Business Professionals of America, which I’m an advisor for that student organization so I’ve known him for about a year, little over a year now,” English teacher Denise Selm said.

Other than being incredibly smart in computers, he is also a great role model for what a student should be.

“He’s an excellent student, very respectful, and very diligent about things getting completed on time and making sure they’re done fully like everything to its max,” Selm said.

His friends also agree that he is a great person.

“Gabe is just a good friend, a supportive person of all,” sophomore Tony Xiou said.

They have been friends since last year.

“Well, I just moved here in October of last year as a freshman and I met Gabe at the time too. We’ve been friends, I say for about a semester and a half now,” Xiou said.

Going back to his BPA status, he did extremely well last year.

“He’s very knowledgeable in the way of computers, he’s in my AP computer science course this year. He qualified for nationals in a computer event called PC Servicing and Troubleshooting. So he was a national qualifier as a freshman and was able to go to Dallas, Texas to compete in that event.” Selm said.