The importance of face-to-face conversation

Ryan Miller, Reporter

Through many years, the standard way of communication was talking to one another, face-to-face. Now, in 2018, people have different ways of communication, such as Facetime, Skype, and most commonly, texting. The ways of technology are certainly different than what they used to be.

“The technology used to communicate is different than it’s ever been before, I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing, but it’s certainly different,” student teacher Sam Cottle said.

Even when people do speak to one another, the conversations just do not seem long enough.

“On a normal basis, the day to day conversations, it’s not too long,” freshmen Kaiel Alderman-Roebuck said.

Another major aspect of communication today is that people of this day in age are very familiar with technology, and that has the older generation struggling to keep up.

“People older than myself struggle to understand what healthy, appropriate communication looks like on new technologies,” Cottle said.

Technology has spawned other problems such as  “We don’t need all this attitude that kids are giving to other people, while in the old days there was no problem,” Alderman-Roebuck said.

There are reasons with communicating over the phone, especially when you don’t see them everyday.

“I use it to talk with my girlfriend, I have to text because I don’t see her too often, but with people, I usually do face to face because it’s a good way to have connections with someone,” Alderman-Roebuck said.

It’s easy to text someone, but it can be hard to find the mood of the text.

“I think it is easy to avoid depth in conversations when you are just texting,” Heidrich said.

Though the younger generation is heavily affected by technology, it is not the only one so influenced with technology.

“My theory is not necessarily this generation of high schoolers because most people my age in their thirties are probably more willing to escape to their phones than even high schoolers.” Heidrich said.

Looking at a larger scale of who uses face-to-face communications in a digital world, people do not use technology compared to normal face-to-face conversations, according to phyiscian Dr. Mercola.

“Perhaps that’s why 87 percent of those surveyed by Verizon said they most prefer to meet in-person, and in-person meetings were ranked as more productive than their virtual counterparts,” Mercola said.

When asked in a public survey, people like to do face-to-face communication.

“We found that people were much more likely to agree to complete a survey when they were asked in-person as opposed to over email,” a professor of Organizational Behavior at the ILR School at Cornell University, Vanessa K. Bohns said.

The world runs on communicating with technology, and the technolgy we use is very advanced, old-fashioned ways of communicating are changing, but face-to-face communication will ever change, no matter the advancements of technology.