Failure becomes a part of learning

Ryan Miller, Reporter

Failure affects the best of us, so it is important how we choose to handle failure. You can either let it ruin your life, making you depressed, or you can use it to your advantage.

“Failure, is more like a slap in the face, you can either say, screw this I just got slapped in the face, I’m giving up, freshman Thomas Mills said. “Or you can say you know, I’m gonna take that slap, and I’m gonna be like, okay it ain’t gonna hurt as bad because I know how that feels and I know what to do about it,”Failure is just a part of life, it has its ups and downs. The main misconception is that failure shows you how to improve next time. Either way you go, you still have to face the outcome.

“Failure, it masks itself as a mistake, it might look like it is a mistake, it might even be the biggest mistake in your life, but even the outcome is something you haven’t experienced yet,” freshman Savannah Adams said.

People may strive to be perfect, but to be completely honest, no one is perfect. Even if you fail at something you love, not to give up on it and pursue it, and do not do something that you will not enjoy.

“I actually failed my first year of college, and I took a gap semester instead of a gap year and I worked in a office job, and realized it was incredibly boring to go sit at a desk, 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. Even though I was getting paid, it was something that wouldn’t make me happy. scinece teacher Sarah Hawley said.

The only way you are going to succeed is by believing that you can.

“If you believe that you are going to fail at something, then you will fail at it, but if you know that you have trouble in that area, then you look for ways that you can improve so you can experience success,” choir director Randy Ecker said. “It may not be that you’re gonna nail it, but it means that you’re gonna find ways to do better, and in everyone’s eyes, failure and success are looked upon differently.”

When a mistake happens,  it may not be just you that notices your mistake.

“So I think sometimes when people do fail at something they get the sense of, like well that means i’m a failure and they stamp that word on themselves or somebody else stamps it on them which is really unfair,” social studies teacher Tre Ronne said.

There have been tons of people that fail at more than one thing in life, from being in basketball and missing the game-winning shot, to messing up your dream job that you always wanted. It is all about rebounding from those failures.

From the eyes of students, it is important to remember to always do your possible best. As long as your mental state is where you can continue to carry on with yourself.  That includes not giving up, continuing to push to the next level, and whether you fail or not, always use it as motivation.

“Sure, feel bad about it, use that as motivation, nobody wants to fail, nobody wants to feel bad for failing. Use that as motivation to move on and to make it work.” Ronne said.

Throughout all the scenarios that may happen, the most common similarity is to strive to be your best. It is all about having the willpower to go the extra mile.  Do not be the person who wants to be good enough, because you can never be good enough. You are pouring a limitless bottle of “I can do it.”

If you think of failures as boxing, Boxers, when they get punched and get knocked down for the count. They have about 10 counts before they are considered of having a knockout. Even if it comes down to the wire, they always get up at the 6 or 7 count showing resilience. Showing your determination when you get down, you can comeback with a fiery punch against failure, to show that you are who you are, and no one is going to stop you.