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Best burritos in Richmond

Isaiah Cox, Online Editor

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Chipotle, 3726 National Rd E

The most nationally popular of all burritos, the home of the raw interior design and cups with fun facts about the company on them, this is the home of mainstream burritos. The classic simple design gives Chipotle a sort of, hipster feel. We get the burrito that is served when they cater and get barbacoa as the meat. This very popular burrito is just like the interior design of the restaurant, simple. Cheese, white rice, mild salsa, black beans, and barbacoa, nothing special. It cost $7.85 and is a pretty good size for the cost but not as much meat as one would prefer. The salsa and beans, while delicious, were the most overpowering, where it should be a solid mix, but that is not possible with the lack of meat. As you bite through the somewhat thin tortilla, the lack of tight wrap allows for the burrito to spill a lot, most of which being rice. This being said, the burrito isn’t bad. There is a good amount of seasoned flavor in the rice and the meat that is there. It has a lot of good flavors that remain in your mouth but is it the best burrito? No. Is it a custom and good burrito nonetheless? For sure. For that reason, I give the mainstream burrito a 3.25 burritos out of 5 burritos.

Hot Head Burritos, 123 National Rd

Just down the street from the high school, the small burrito shop with the bright red and yellow walls houses a custom line up, similar to that of Chipotle. After we get the burrito, I observe that it seems there is little of any ingredients on there. But after the burrito is folded and you begin eating, you notice the delicious balance in the ingredients. Similar to Chipotle, there is a lack of meat but that is made up for in the good taste in the rice and beans. The burrito we were served was brown rice, black beans, chicken, corn salsa, pico salsa, cheese, lettuce, queso, topping it off with Sweet Habanero Sauce and Zesty Garlic Hot Heads Sauce on the side, all for $7.25 for just the chicken, $8.25 with the queso. The latter two were the highlights of the restaurant. Known for the unique and different sauce, this variation brings not only a delicious taste, but also some moisture to what sometimes seems to be a dry burrito. They were also kind enough to give us chips in which we tried their regular salsa and queso respectively, both very good on chips or a burrito. While the sauce is the biggest positive, the biggest negatives would be the thinness of the tortilla along with the lack of meat of the burrito. The tortilla had little taste and barely kept the burrito together, leaving a bit of a mess. That being said, the delicious mixture of flavors and sauce combined with the decent price leads me to giving this burrito a saucy 3.75 out of 5 burritos.

La Mexicana Mini Market, 519 NW 5th St

You need to find a parking spot and go into the second set of doors on the side of what looks to be a tire shop. It opens up to the playing of ESPN Deportes or the best soccer game that is on. Behind this, the grills are heard and that, that is the sound of the hometown La Mexicana Burrito being made. You go toward the grill and tell the person taking your order what you want. Where as Chipotle and Hot Heads were custom, La Mexicana has a set menu from which you order. Your order is written on a yellow note pad and then the burrito begins to be made. In the meantime, you can go in the fridge and grab a glass bottle of Mexican brand soda or browse the shelves of many snacks, most of the labels are written in Spanish. The sweet red and mild green sauce arrives at your table approximately two minutes before your burrito arrives. The burrito is always cut in half and depending on whether you ordered the $5 or $9 burrito, both more than enough to fill you up. The burrito is wrapped so tight and grilled to perfection; Tom Brady could probably throw a 50-yard spiral with it without any spill. The meat is the focal point of the burrito and is portioned as so. There is more rice but it is not to discount the meat because the burritos are packed with the main ingredients, yellow rice, chicken, tomatoes, melted cheese, and avocado, simple as that. The vegetables add to the mix of the rice and chicken for an authentic Mexican burrito. They were also kind enough to give us chips, which were different than normal, not restaurant style or from a bag, but they were fresh and seemed almost homemade. No matter what the counterargument may be, the red sauce is inferior to the incredible green sauce, an argument in it of itself. The food always fills you up and usually, there is enough left to grab a to-go box and take some of this burrito homr with you. All of this being said, I give the burrito, for the first time on any of my food reviews, a perfect score. A tightly wrapped 5 out of 5 burritos.

El Rodeo Mexican Restaurant, 3567 E Main St

El Rodeo Mexican Restaurants’ two locations have become maybe the most well-known hometown favorite. El Rodeo is not necessarily famous for just burritos, but all sorts of Mexican-style entrees. That being said, their extensive menu of burritos have become some of the restaurants most popular meals. Burritos Mexicanos, Hot & Spicy Burrito, La Favorita, or Burrito Verde, there are many different styles and flavors to choose from. The overall pick suggested to us was the Burrito Preferido. However, the $10.99 meal isn’t just any normal burrito. It is not picked up and eaten. It is not customizable.  It is a plate piled high with the many factors that make such a meal. The perfectly sized tortilla encases grilled chicken and steak, with the tortilla being topped with shrimp, chorizo, queso, rice on the side, and most unique of all, two pineapple slices. This seems overwhelming, but it just works, and beautifully so. The very popular El Rodeo queso sauce is always delicious but when paired with so many flavors, the deliciousness increases tenfold. The well seasoned meats mixed with the yummy rice and the sweet pineapple makes for a special taste. Not only are the many flavors exceptional, but the mix of individual textures makes for such a unique dish. By the time you are nearing the end of the platter, it leaves you missing the taste, but the amount of food previously on the plate leaves you satisfied. With all included, the decor, the staff, the free, tasty chips and salsa, and most importantly the burrito, I made the ground breaking decision to give out the second ever perfect, on the same review. 5 delicious, eat with a fork burritos, out of 5.

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Best burritos in Richmond