Homecoming possibilities: semi-formal?

Faith Wages, Reporter

Standing around at a party with very little people, poor music, and no enthusiasm is no way to celebrate a Homecoming. This year as a whole, we have boosted our efforts in support for the variety of sports and their games, but now as students, we need to bring up the level for other issues. For this previous year the Homecoming dance was cancelled, but it is possible for next year, with student support, the return of the dance can be reality once more.

To make next year better, finding the source of what caused the defeat of the dance these past years is the first step.

“I personally believe it’s a mixture of lack of attendance and disinterest,” junior Alex Perales said. “There’s so much emphasis on making it happen, that making it interesting is kind of overlooked.”

Some students didn’t go because of the lack of excitement.

“I wasn’t really interested in it,” sophomore Elly Grinspan said. “I thought it would be like other schools. Like when I first moved here, I heard people dress up and look cute and stuff, and then I heard here people just wear t-shirts.”

In comparison to other dances here at the high school, the Homecoming dance is always falling behind.

“I don’t understand how for Snowball they wear a dress, but for Homecoming they don’t,” Grinspan said. “I feel like Homecoming should be more.”

Some students believe the attendance would rise if such an improvement was made, but there is always problems to work around.

“I don’t have easy access to a tuxedo, and don’t want to make my parents pay for one, but it would certainly increase the odds of me going,” Perales said.

There will have to be a line to set if this idea is achieved in the way students dress.

“I can’t really wear ‘too fancy’, but I don’t want to wear just jeans,” Grinspan said. “I like to go a little out there.”

Some believe the idea of the dance is what lacks on luring students in.

“It’s not known as a ‘dressy’ fun dance,” junior Madison Poe said. “It’s kind of just a place to go and warm up with your friends after the football game and maybe dance a little bit.”

Compared to other dances, the Homecoming dance also has it’s positives.

“Hanging out with friends, and the dance battles that always seem to break out, is my favorite part,” Poe said.

Some believe it would help students embrace themselves and be different from one another.

“It would be more fun, they’d get excited, and they don’t all have to wear the same thing,” Grinspan said. “Some feel weird just wearing t-shirts; I think it’s weird.”

Some students believe staying casual is what has caused the downfall in support for the Homecoming dance.

“I don’t really think that makes people excited for the dance because a lot of people like to dress up and feel good about themselves,” Grinspan said. “It’s like a fun thing to do at school, you get to socialize with people and have fun a real high school experience.”

Students that do support the dance every year were disappointed when news about its removeable was released for this year.

“I think that it’s totally unfair that we were are of the few schools in Wayne County that didn’t have a homecoming dance,” Poe said. “I have attended every year and was planning on attending this year until it was announced that there was not going to be one.”

With support from all the students, reinstating the dance, and making it more attracting, can become reality for next year.

“It serves as a good opportunity to get together with friends and make memories,” Perales said.