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Expressing your self{ie}

Students show self expression through their own form of art

Brianna Fisher, Reporter

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Many people in today’s society make a living of posting selfies. They are a bit more sophisticated and usually taken at a better quality, but some students are climbing up in the ranks of likes and followers just like Instagram famous people.

Even though some don’t see this as a career, others think differently.

“It’s a job because they work hard for their likes and followers,” said Freshman Amanda Wolfe. “It’s your feed and you should be able to post what you want, but some look for approval. Sometimes I’ll ask my friends if it looks cute or if I should post it.”

Some students often find themselves doing the same things. Even if the opinion of another person seems not to matter.

“When I want to post a selfie, I usually ask one to two of my closest friends if it looks okay and if they say it doesn’t and I think it does,” junior Sierra Wandersee said. “I’ll still post it because it really only matters what I think.”

Students have also spoken about their process before taking selfies. It can possibly take a lot to get the perfect shot.

“For me it feels like before taking a selfie I will make sure my makeup looks okay,” Wolfe said. “I’ll fix my hair, find good lighting, that kind of stuff.”

Even after the selfie has been taken, there is still conscience left on it. People often try to keep a look on their amount of likes on the picture. Some people may even find themselves removing a picture based on the amount of likes it recieved.

“I’ll keep them up no matter how many likes I get,” Wandersee said. “Sometimes after I post it, I’m indecisive and decide I don’t like it so I’ll delete it, but it doesn’t have anything to do with anyone except myself.”

Wandersee gets anywhere from 300-400 likes a picture. Those likes are often recieved even after posting multiple pictures a week.

“I used to post like everyday but now I post like every 6 days because with school I don’t really try to impress people so I don’t take pictures,” Wandersee said.

Another student agrees with Wandersee.

“I post pictures about once or twice a week but they usually aren’t selfies,” junior Anna Schmidt said.

Some people, like those who are famous on social media, take pride in their amount of followers and likes. This is not the case for Wandersee.

“In my opinion, I don’t think there’s a pride in having a lot of followers or getting a lot of likes,” Wandersee said. “Other people might disagree, but it doesn’t matter to me. I post pictures for myself and it doesn’t matter to me what other people think. It’s my instagram and not anyone else’s so I don’t care how many followers or likes I get

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Expressing your self{ie}