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Stay at home students

Cade Richey, Reporter

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Every year Richmond has students go off to college. While there are opportunities outside of Richmond, there are also many benefits to staying in Richmond for college. College staff have given their opinion on the reasons students may choose to stay in Richmond for college. “There’s a lot of advantages of coming to IU East rather than to Bloomington,” Olivia Engle, assistant director of admissions at IU East said. “One of the main ones would be cost for the students so it’s more affordable. It’s typically a third of the price if you come to our campus.” Students from Richmond High School save money by staying in Richmond for college and can apply for the RHS alumni scholarship. “Going to school in the town I live in allows me to live at home and save nearly 10,000 [dollars] by not having to pay room and board,” Class of 2016 graduate Grant Bowersock said. “I also am very familiar with the area and what it has to offer. I attend Earlham College and Earlham has offered me a ton in scholarship money and in other forms of financial aid. With that and with the help of the RHS Alumni scholarship, I’m able to attend a private college with one of the best science divisions in the Midwest with a tuition totaling over 40,000 [dollars] not including room and board without paying a dime up front.” Cost isn’t the only benefit of staying in Richmond for college. Class of 2016 graduate, Jordan Christian, praised the education of Earlham college. “First and foremost the education is one of the best around,” Christian said. “The opportunity to study abroad is also a huge attraction. Not many schools have the type of study abroad programs that others have. I looked at other schools such as Hanover, Ball State, and others, but the factors I mentioned above are what separate Earlham.” The size and familiarity are also benefits of staying in Richmond. “In size there is definitely an advantage as well,” Engle said. “It’s easier to get involved it’s a lot easier to reach out to faculty members because of small class sizes. Usually there are about 20 students on average so it’s easy to meet people and your professors. Also I think it’s important to stay in a familiar environment so maybe they’re meeting new people and taking more challenging classes, but they can fall back on their support and they still are familiar with the environment. Some students can still drive to school and if they work they can keep their job and if they’re involved in community organizations or go to church they can keep all that as a consistent thing in their life and that’s really beneficial to students.” “The small campus allows for one on one time with professors,” Christian said. Students may want to continue playing sports after high school. Staying in Richmond can offer that opportunity. “Another benefit that may appeal to future students is the ability to continue playing sports. I wanted the chance to continue to play both football and baseball, and Earlham gave me that.” “Being here has allowed me to continue my passion for football while simultaneously working towards my life goals with little to no repercussions. I think the decision for me to stay here will pay off later in life,” Bowersock said.

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Stay at home students