Look Back On The Past

Tanazia Deloney , Reporter

You are walking through Walmart and see something you once had in your youth. Picking up your favorite candy, you close your eyes you begin to imagine all of the fun things you had done as a child.

“I loved pizza and Hershey,” junior Isaiah Webster said.

Something you loved you can still enjoy today.

“I loved staying at my dad’s,” junior Brittany Wilson said. “I would either be eating angel hair pasta or homemade suckers while watching my favorite movie or I was watching Naked Brother Band on Nickelodeon.”

Some of our favorite television shows are being shown today.

“I always watched SpongeBob Squarepants,” Wilson said.

Others may not be shown on television anymore.

“I watched Kim Possible and Codename Kid Next Door when I was younger,” junior Jermaine Stanley said.

Being a child there were a lot of things we done that brought us joy and excitement.

“Going fishing with my father in the Rocky Mountains,” sophomore Caleb Shaffer said.

It might’ve been something that was once enjoyable.

“I used to play outside,” junior Alena Short said.

As we look back on our past we realize that doing less was a good thing.

“Not having to worry about responsibilities,” Webster said.

There are good and bad things that we once had in our childhood.

“I miss being able to sleep a lot,” Stanley said.

Something that is missing could be a family member.

“I miss my grandmother,” Short said.

Having fun memories of your family before a divorce are things we cherish.

“Before my family got a divorce I loved having family game night,” Shaffer said. “I really miss them [my parents] being together.” 

It could be a happy moment not only for you but for your family also.

“I remember seeing my uncle graduate boot camp in Georgia,” junior Brittany Wilson said

The one thing that everyone misses as either an adult or a teenager.

“I miss being young,” Wilson said. “I wish I could be young again.”