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How stress has changed over time

Breanna McKinney, Reporter

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As teenagers, we focus on stress a lot, but have we ever thought about what teachers went through as teenagers?                                                       

“At the time, I thought it was a lot of stress,” french teacher Jessica Raffelson said. “Looking back and knowing what I know about what teenagers have on their plates today, I’d say my stress levels were really low.”                                                                    

Other teachers agree they had low stress levels.

“I would say I had very little stress,” english teacher Jeremy Hill said. “I think the only thing I was really stressed about was trying to figure out what I wanted to do, but once I made the decision that I wanted to be a teacher and I knew where I wanted to teach I would say I had no stress at all.”

Some teenagers now have very little stress as well.

“I actually tend to have very little [stress],” sophomore Aiden Morris said. “I am pretty good at scheduling and that’s really gotten rid of a lot of the stress I have.”

Other teenagers have a lot of stress to deal with.

“I actually tend to go through a lot of stress,” sophomore Dakota Gates said. “I have multiple responsibilities and every once in awhile I get more and more stuff added on to that.”

Some students have found ways to deal with their stress that takes some of the stress away.

“I try to take days that are just me days where I just sit and relax and watch TV,” sophomore Taylor Florence said. “I’ll make sure I have everything done the night before so I don’t have to worry about doing anything on me days.”

Other students use “me days” to relieve some of their stress as well.

“I try to have me time,” senior Eli Howell said. “I try to do things I enjoy, try to do things that are stress free.”

Stress can affect your life if you have too much of it.

“I feel like [stress] makes me a lot more worried because I have to plan out what I’m going to do that day and get all my work done and that is just really stressful,” junior Litzy Julian said.

Other students are also affected by stress.

“I am an officer for Devilettes and that comes with a lot of responsibilities,” senior Morgan Davis said. “So trying to juggle taking care of my siblings, taking care of my school subjects and being an officer adds stress to my life.”

Stress did not affect the teachers in the same way.

“My stress was such a low amount that it didn’t factor into anything,” Hill said.

The teachers see a difference in the stress levels from the generations.

“You guys are under a lot more pressure and stress than I think we ever were,” Raffelson said. “When I was a kid it was you got good grades, you have a couple extra curriculars if you feel like it.”

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How stress has changed over time